Love with a PURE Heart

Frederick County’s children and teenagers are tomorrow’s parents, labor force, teachers, sports heroes, television and movie stars, authors, business and government leaders. We as a community in Frederick, MD, have an obligation to set the stage for their success. Sadly, a striking number of children miss out because of poverty, homelessness, racism, dysfunctional families and single parents working multiple jobs to make ends meet. Local governments and agencies do what they can but the number of kids in need is overwhelming. That’s why we launched PURE Love, Inc. PURE stands for:

Preserve Unity Render Empowerment

Our objective is to do this with the true essence of Love by engaging kids in activities that contribute to their self-esteem and sense of community. To make the most impact, we target our efforts in the Discovery neighborhood near Walkersville, a place sorely under-served, in part because of its location. The core programs offered by PURE Love are a community garden, dance and art lessons and connecting Discovery youth with neighbors locally and around the world.

We seek to unify communities, cultures, nations and families together and to preserve that unity by engaging our most precious resource, our children. Rendering empowerment to them through our unique programs will help them believe in themselves and know they can overcome any barrier to a bright future.

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Want to know more about the valuable contribution PURE Love, Inc makes to our community?  Please contact us and we will fill you in!  Or click on the "Get Involved" link below!

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